Guillotine Glass Systems

Contrary to the typical glass systems, Guillotine Glass Systems make a difference with their vertical movement.

Guillotine glass systems, which are often used in terraces, cafés, restaurants and work places, offer uninterrupted panorama to the space with their special design. It offers a vast view without limitation of the vision with its dynamic structure. It is user-friendly, and offers top level of comfort close to the nature, and it brings perfect solutions to spaces with its robust design and wide color range.

Adding value to the area with a perfect design and convenience of use with a remote control, guillotine glass systems ensures reliable use in four seasons with its benefits in top level of heat and sound insulation.

Guillotine glass systems create a difference with its special design supported by advance technology, the stylish and aesthetic look of glass panels, and satisfies all visual and functional expectations with its specifications.

  • The lower panel glass in the system is steady, thus acting as railing when closed.
  • Sistem 1 sabit +2 hareketli olarak tasarlanmıştır. Sistemin maksimum ölçüleri 330cm x 300cm veya 380cm x 250cm'dir.
  • The movement of the system can be stopped at the desired height and can be used as per needed.
  • Supporting profiles are used to minimize the flexing of glasses at larger sizes.
  • The guillotine glass system is automatic. Standart olarak uzaktan kumanda ile kontrol sağlanmaktadır.
  • The adjustable glass levels ensure effective protection against reverse winds.
  • Sistemde 8x8cm ebatlarında alüminyum dikme profiller kullanılmaktadır.
  • Sistemde 12x17cm ebatlarında üst dikme profil kullanılmaktadır.
  • The system ensures high level of heat insulation with optional insulation glasses.
  • The glass and the system are integrated with special polyurethane glue.
  • The chains moving the system has more strength than the systems used in other mobile glasses, which makes it more durable.
  • The balance weight in the system ensure stabilized movement of the glass, and ensures silent operation.
  • Giyotin Seride kullanılan camlar 8mm ve 10mm kalınlığında ve temperlidir. Alternative color options are available.
  • Insulation glass is optional.
  • The system weighs 30-35 kg per m² per flap.
  • All aluminum profiles in the system can be painted with electrostatic dust paint.

The system uses glasses manufactured by Trakya Glass Industry Inc., an affiliate of Şişecam, which is the leader in Turkish and European market.

The glasses offer alternatives in different colors according to the concept of the application area.

The glasses are manufactured at global standards, and have all of the required quality documents and certifications.

Guillotine Glass Systems are covered by guarantee for 2 years, except for user errors.