Glass Door

Glass doors have a vast usage area, such as hospitals, shopping malls, cafés, restaurants and offices. It offers an alternative decoration solution for spaces with its robust and strong structure. Glass doors help to expand the space, and the beauty of the glass creates a refreshing and stylish atmosphere. They give indoors a feeling of depth and freshness. Glass Door combines the elegance of transparency with architectural concepts.

Its resistance to heat and shock, its practical use, and its ability to be secured at intermediate angles offer great benefits to users. Its controlled closing also offer comfort and safety functions.

Its modern look brings a stylish spirit to indoors and offers solutions for any kind of  need. It is aesthetic, dynamic and it creates a prestigious atmosphere with its fresh look. Glass door is preferred for its expanding design and its strength without compromising heat insulation and visual flexibility.

Glass door is an architectural solution with an aesthetic look that addresses the demands of any user with its decorative and diverse functions. It is the primary choice of those who consider functionality with visuality in architecture.

  • The glasses used in the glass doors are tempered and have a thickness of 10 mm. Alternative color options are available.
  • It can be manufactured as a single piece up to a width of 1100 mm.
  • It can be manufactured as a single piece up to a height of 2300 mm.
  • It can be opened up to an angle of 180°.
  • It resists temperatures up to 215°C.
  • There are alternative options for handles available.
  • The door slows down at an angle of 15° when closing to control the slamming speed.
  • Glass doors use hydraulic springs. These hydraulic springs, which have a longer service life than the hinge system, also prevent visual pollution.
  • The hydraulic system applied in the glass door has a maximum bearing capacity of 120 kg.
  • With the hydraulic in the system, the door can be secured at different angles. It can be secured at the angles of 90°, 130°- 180° without using additional support.
  • The size of the ground hydraulic is 30,5x11 cm. This hydraulic applied on the ground is covered by a 30,5x11 cm outer cover.

The system uses glasses manufactured by Trakya Glass Industry Inc., an affiliate of Şişecam, which is the leader in Turkish and European market.

The glasses offer alternatives in different colors according to the concept of the application area.

The glasses are manufactured at global standards, and have all of the required quality documents and certifications.

Glass Doors are covered by guarantee for 2 years, except for user errors.